The Strickland Family is all In… for $61,763.32

The Strickland family has a long history of running businesses in Goderich, dating back to February 1971 when they opened Strickland Motors and introduced the Toyota motor franchise to Huron County.

From Frank and Peter Strickland: “For nearly 50 years we have been committed to this community, raising our families, and enjoying watching our children and grandchildren grow up in Goderich. During this time, we have witnessed the importance of having access to local high-quality healthcare services.

We recognize that the government alone is unable to cover the costs of the first-class health care available at AMGH and the community’s financial support is needed. We would like to encourage everyone to reach into their pockets and make a donation to the All In… For Your Health Capital Campaign. The Alexandra Marine & General Hospital is able to provide many regional services not traditionally available in other rural hospitals of similar size. This is in large part because the community makes it possible.”

The Strickland Family asks you to join them in answering the call to support local health care. Their message is to give what you can, no matter how oddball the amount!