About Us

The AMGH Foundation works in partnership with the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital to ensure that quality health care is available to all residents of Huron County and neighbouring communities.

Our history

The AMGH Foundation has been helping to enhance patient care and safety since 1993. We are proud of our history helping our hospital can continue to provide the highest quality care and services possible, and serving as a community ambassador for the our hospital.

We have had many milestones to celebrate over the years.

  • 1993 The Foundation is incorporated as a registered charity.
  • 2006 Foundation launches the $5M CT Scanner for Huron County Diagnostic
    Imaging Campaign.
  • 2008 The financial goal is met for the CT Scanner for Huron County Diagnostic
    Imaging Campaign.
  • 2009 The Foundation launches the Keeping Abreast Full-Field Digital Mammography Campaign to purchase a new mammography unit.
  • 2010 The CT scanner began operation in April.
  • 2011 The new state-of-the-art mammography unit becomes operational.
  • 2014 The Foundation receives Standards Accreditation from Imagine Canada, an internationally-recognized designation.
  • 2016 The Foundation raises over $500,000 for the purchase of priority patient equipment at AMGH.
  • 2018 The Foundation installed a Donor Recognition and Engagement system in the Hospital to recognize the generosity of our community and to share our story.
  • 2019 The Foundation launched the “All In…for your health” $3.5 million capital campaign and surpassed their goal, raising more than $4.5 million.

Financial accountability

How does your donation make a difference? We strive to be transparent with our finances so that you know exactly how your donations are used. Our finances are audited annually and the results are submitted to international charity monitoring organizations for review.

2020-21 Audited
Financial Statements

Latest Foundation’s
Charitable Return
2019-20 Audited
Financial Statements
2018-19 Audited
Financial Statements
Our Mission is to support quality health care close to home – since 1993, we have helped to enhance patient care and safety at the AMGH. Our VIsion is to be a leading charity of choice for Huron County and, thanks to your generous support, we are.

Our ICARE values


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who have strong roots in the community and are committed to the Foundation’s mission, vision and values. They bring a wealth of experience, insight, and passion to the work and direction of the Foundation.


David Mackechnie


Media Sales Consultant, Postmedia

Sherry Marshall

Vice Chair

Business Owner, Beach Street Station and Park House

Justin Pearson


Relationship Manager, BMO

Mary Beth Alexander


Manager, Human Resources for ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services

Kathleen Babcock


Social Worker/Retired

Sandra Brown


Investment Advisor

Judy Cairncross



Nancy Hughes



Shawn Lynn


Lawyer – Ottewell, Lynn, Mullen, Frook

Billie White


Occupational Health and Safety Nurse/Retired


AMGH Representative

Insurance Executive/Retired


AMGH Foundation logo for Admin

Kimberley Payne

Executive Director


  • Oversee the operation and public trust of the AMGH Foundation.
  • Articulate the mission and purpose of the AMGH Foundation’s goal to support the AMGH, and ensure that appropriate structures and resources are in place to facilitate its mandate.
  • Ensure the fiscal stability of the AMGH Foundation and be accountable to donors and other stakeholders.
  • Hire appropriate staff to manage and lead the operations of the AMGH Foundation.
  • Actively participate in the fundraising process and be ambassadors of the AMGH Foundation and the Hospital in the community.

Committee Structure

In order that the AMGH Foundation can fulfill its mandate and be accountable to the community, the following committees are active:

Executive Committee

David Mackechnie, Chair
Sherry Marshall, Vice Chair
Justin Pearson, Treasurer
Shawn Lynn, Past Chair

Finance Committee

Justin Pearson, Treasurer
Judy Cairncross, Director
Brenda Teichert, Community member
Dean Whalen, Community member

Fund Development

Kathleen Babcock, Director
Nancy Hughes, Director
David Mackechnie, Director
Sherry Marshall, Director
Billie White, Director


Governance & Recruitment Committee

Mary Jane Bisset, Chair
Mary Beth Alexander, Director
Sandra Brown, Director
Shawn Lynn, Director
Bruce Elliott, Community member

Contact the Board

To reach an AMGH Foundation Board member, please contact the Foundation office and the Board member will be informed.

The AMGH Foundation is thankful to be part of a caring and giving community.