Whether you give by donation or with your time, Giving matters in more ways than you can measure.
You are an essential part of our hospital’s health care team. Your support gives the caregivers at our hospital the tools they need to treat, comfort, and care for you and your family – support experienced in stories AMGH patients are pleased to share…

Your Gifts in Action

Your donations make so much possible. Thanks to your generosity, the AMGH now has…

Neonatal Incubator

The incubator keeps our tiniest patients warm and safe. It allows babies to maintain their body temperature while staff monitor vital signs, breathing, and movement. It can also be used for phototherapy treatment for jaundiced babies.

Portable Xray Machine

The newest technology ensures that patients have reduced exposure to radiation per exposure and the portability of the machine means that those patients whose trauma or illness prevent them from being transported to the Diagnostic Imaging Department are still able to receive quick care and diagnosis.


As the only delivering hospital in Huron County, AMGH needs to ensure that we have all of the equipment that our tiny patients need when they arrive. As we see an increased number of deliveries at AMGH, there is a need to replace and upgrade the bassinets used in our Obstetrical Department.


A Defibrillator is a critical piece of equipment that saves lives. It is used to identify and treat life threatening heart rhythms with an electric shock. Alexandra Marine and General Hospital relies on this technology to assure we can provide the best possible outcomes for the patients we care for. Through the generosity of our donors, the Foundation was able to replace all 6 defibrillators at AMGH with the newest technology.

Your support is important because most patient care equipment is not covered by government funding in the province of Ontario.

Stories from the Heart

The AMGH staff take pride in the services and care that they provide to our community.
Vital Services Close to Home

Vital Services Close to Home

At the AMGH Foundation, we are always talking about how fortunate we are to have the advanced equipment and services available…

Home Away from Home

Home Away from Home

On Monday of the July long weekend, 2017, Eric and Bev Shepherd took what Eric describes as his “unplanned visit to AMGH”.

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