The AMGH Foundation continues to support our Hospital and Community through this unprecedented time.

A Message from Shawn Lynn, Chair of the AMGH Foundation Board of Directors

“While the team at AMGH is always working hard to support the health and well-being of the members of our community, it is times like these that remind us of the importance of having access to quality healthcare close to home and the dedication of the people who work to provide that to us. The efforts of AMGH’s doctors, nurses, administration and staff to ensure the Hospital continues to provide high quality care while addressing the evolving situation of COVID-19 have been extraordinary.

These people are our family, our friends and our neighbours, and their hard work and determination in support of our community during these unprecedented times is worthy of our sincerest and most heartfelt appreciation. The AMGH Foundation continues to support the Hospital and its remarkable team, and thanks them for all they are doing to help keep our community members as safe and healthy as possible.”

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Community Resources

There are many resources available to keep updated on the COVID-19 situation.  The AMGH Foundation encourages our community and donors to visit the AMGH website and the Maitland Valley Family Health Team website for reliable local information and resources.  Please see other resources below.

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