The Significant Impact of Monthly Giving

The AMGH Foundation has a very special group of loyal & committed friends of the Foundation and the Hospital.  Knowing that we can count on our monthly donors allows us to take a planned, long-term approach to supporting the needs of the Hospital and our community.

Monthly Giving is also a cost effective approach to donating.  It means lower administration costs, which means that more of your gift goes to where it is needed most – the health care needs of our community.

In this uncertain time, we recognize that many want to help but are unsure of their ability.  A new donor recently made an excellent case for making a monthly donation during the current COVID-19 situation…..”staying home, not spending money on gas or going out for meals and entertainment, is saving more than enough to make a small difference in the community.  A monthly donation is the equivalent to one tank of gas saved.”

Please consider supporting your Hospital with a monthly commitment.